Rabco has the buying power and the design know-how that allows us to provide the lowest priced products in our categories. Our quick time delivery system enables you to start earning rental income sooner. And features designed into our self storage systems make them easier and faster to erect which keep your costs down and profits high. Our design flexibility allows you to achieve the unit mix you need to maximize your return on investment.

In addition to the unlimited design options that Rabco can offer for your self storage buildings, our expertise and know-how offers many advantages including:

  • In-House Structural Engineering. With a drafting and engineering team that specializes in self storage design and construction, we design efficiencies into the engineering of your project, for instance, we offer single story design that distributes the building loads evenly throughout the slab, resulting in reduced foundation requirements. Preset anchor bolts are not required.
  • Unlimited Options for Unit Mix. Utilizing a 5’x10’ grid system, we can help maximize the efficiency of the site while keeping your self storage construction costs down.
  • Reduce Erection Time. All steel is precut and marked to reduce erection time. No forklift is usually required to erect our self storage systems. These savings are passed on to you.
  • Options for Roofing and Siding. We offer flexibility with your building products including standing seam roofing and Thoreau-fastened panels, as well as many options for metal siding.
  • Extended Warranties. All of our roof and wall panels come with a 20 year extended warranty.
  • Quick Delivery. We have the ability to ship your building materials or replacement parts rapidly and at a low cost.
  • Quality Installation. In most areas, Rabco can also provide a crew to install our buildings on your slab. Our self storage installation crews are some of the best craftsmen in the trade. All of our crews are certified by our Project Management Staff and have years of experience building self storage.

Rabco offers an infinite number of Self Storage design options.

Rabco’s Multi-Story Self Storage Building Systems are Remarkably Economical.As land costs have risen, so has demand for multi-story storage facilities.

Boat and RV storage is a booming business that can be combined with your conventional self storage development or thrive as a stand-alone self storage investment.

While many self storage operators offer open parking spaces for Boat and RV storage, data shows that providing canopies to shelter vehicles from the elements will enable you to charge twice as much rent for the same amount of space – simply because it’s covered.

Climate Controlled Self Storage commands higher rental rates, brings in new customers and generates additional revenue for Self Storage businesses. 

Standing Seam Roofing Panels; 3-Piece Pier and Header System; Roof Insulation or Condensation Blanket; Separation Walls with Insulation for Climate Controlled Areas.